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Finding the





Baby Boomer Life Lessons 

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The Silver Lining has been written for anyone needing answers, insights and lessons on:

The Baby Boomer Generation


Baby Boomers:  The Caregivers


Planning for the End


Signs Parents Should no Longer Live Alone


Final Care Giving and Death




Scams and Frauds




Identity Crisis


Boomerang Kids

Raising your Grandkids 


Maximize your Retirement Income


Lifestyles of Baby Boomers 


Baby Boomer Retirement Activities 


Marketing a Product or Service to the Baby Boomer Generation


Travel Trends of Baby Boomers 


Thirty-Seven Things You Will Regret When You Are Older


Five Choices You Will Regret Forever


.....along with helpful resources on Aging.


My Story

After working in the travel and tourism industry for over 30 years, I’ve had to learn how to be resilient.  I survived a divorce, met the love of my life and remarried, became an instant step-parent to three children and eventually a grandmother to five grandchildren, took care of both my parents for many years and buried both parents, got breast cancer, went through treatments and now am a breast cancer survivor, and all the time, I’ve tried to stay positive. 


The purpose of writing this book is to help people prepare for their own aging and those people they are taking care of as caregivers.  I hope this book will become a silver lining (personal/family preparation) for what could otherwise be very stressful times.   I call this the baby boomer life lessons because this is also my personal journey.  It covers many situations that we baby boomers will encounter during our lifetime, from taking care of our parents, learning to deal with death and grieving, children “boomeranging” back home, raising our grandchildren, leaving the workforce, either voluntarily or not, retiring and what our later years will look like. 


I am writing this book to help baby boomers with information I wish I had known as I went through life.  I needed one place, one reference book with checklists to make my life easier but it simply was not available. 


I hope you will find this information useful and that it perhaps, makes your life a bit easier as we navigate the highways of becoming the “next” generation.



Judy Love Rondeau

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My Story

"Finding the Silver Lining is a compendium of expert advice from a range of highly credible sources, layered in with the personal experiences of a loving and committed

daughter and son-in-law."

Friesen Press

"Whether you have elderly parents to look after (or one day will) or whether you yourself are now a "boomer" (and not getting any younger), you need to read this book!

Do you have any idea what is involved in looking after your parents? Are you ready for "old age?" You need to be so that you don't leave "mess and grief" for your family. Read this book; you will be glad you did..."

Cheryl J, Amazon

Gregory B. Gallagher

Writer, Filmmaker & Executive Producer

"Personal, functional, insightful, passionate and timely, Judy Love Rondeau's book is a rare gift to each of us.  


Having just come through dealing with the deaths of three close relatives in the last decade myself, I can only say how I wish this book had been available prior to these heart-wrenching times."

"A quick, easy read with loads of practical information on issues most of us don't realize are issues until we're in the middle of dealing with them. Save yourself the grief and get prepared."

Allan Lynch,  

writer, speaker, author & contributor to Good Times Magazine, the magazine for successful retirement

"As a baby boomer with a mother who is still going strong, but close ties to friends with aging parents, I was compelled to buy this book. I thought it would be more about caregiving for our elderly parents, but found many fascinating hints about how I can make the most of my aging years, as well. From how to avoid scams to maximizing retirement income,  I really enjoyed this read."

Amazon Reader


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